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Lovedays now stock disposable pull up pants and pads. There are a variety of sizes and absorbencies available to ensure that all levels of incontinence can be better managed. We stock pads and pants for adults and children including including unisex and gender specific items. We supply products from Tena and Abena, including Abena's well known and loved brands Abri-Flex, Abri-Form and Abri-Man.

Lovedays also stocks a range of aids from Conni including their popular mattress protectors. Conni are an innovative brand, their products are comfortable, absorbent, waterproof, washable and quick drying.

 micro-plush-sheet-conni.jpg  abri-flex-premium-s2.jpg conni-kids-bed-pad-b-2000-550x550.jpg  conni-ur-free-to-go-mens-incontinence.jpg 

Re-usable Bedding

Disposable Pants & Pads 

Kids Bed Wetting Products  Mens Incontinence Aids 



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Disposable Mattress & Chair Protectors 


Washable Furniture Protectors 

Toileting Aids