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Cushions for people at low risk up to the very high risk end of the spectrum


Because every bottom is a different shape, levels of skin condition vary and also general health which has an impact on the development risk you pose to contracting a pressure sore then you will need to consider foam, gel, air or a combination. Generally speaking a foam cushion without high density or memory foam is a poor choice. From the baseline cushion you may need to consider a troublesome and painful coccyx or hemerriods where a sculptured cushion would be more suitable.

And finally the cover will be important if incontinence is a problem and or sliding down the chair where shearing underneath the skin's surface acts to break the fragile skin open.

For the very high risk user we recommend the PolyAir cushion by Systam. It manages an individuals weight by pumping a series of interconnected air cells up to an inflation level thats ideal for you.